On These Blank Pages

On These Blank Pages
by Amy Grace Lam

On these blank pages of my life,
I transcribe our love story once more.

Familiar yet unknown, my pen traverses the terrain of spacious mountains
looking to sign, etch, carve my name on sacred rocks with yours.

Traversing from the center of the world,
I look once more for something familiar that calls me home.

On these blank pages of my life,
I start again with feathered plumes

to offer your strong delicate wings.
My colors take form within your shape,

Our bird dances
its own soft rhythmical fantasied flight.

We have been here before,
and have lifted up hidden treasures together,

seen beyond the horizoned sunsets
to the depths of heaven itself.

To be with you, to find that which has been echoing
inside my soul for one thousand lifetimes.

These blank pages are a symbol
of new beginnings and new spaces.

An open world of open possibility.
On this blank page, I paint anew,

pictures of red, yellows, and whites.
On this blank page, I call to my ancestors

to look upon me with favor and bless this journey ahead.
On this blank page, I ask

to fill my cup of love with you.

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