I Am Not Dante #3: A Mountain to Climb

A Mountain to Climb
by Amy Grace Lam

I saw a mountain (a mountain to climb).
Climbed the mountain (the mountain i saw).
And sat with the mountain (the mountain i climbed).

I sat, and sat, and sat.
Waiting for my vision, waiting for a dream, waiting for the truth.

And then came a storm.
It shook the mountain (the one i did climb),
made the wind to howl (so I could not see),
and made me to shiver (on the ground i did sit).

Then a voice called from the sky saying,

And I said I cannot.

And I said I am scared.

And I slowly began to open.
I opened my arms to embrace the voice that called from the sky.

I fell, and fell, and fell.

Waking (that is from my vision),
I found myself (that is in a dream),
floating in the ocean (that is of truth).

And below me
under the silhouette
of a shimmering cellophane of water,

stood the shadow of my dear summit (that is the mountain I climbed).

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