by Amy Grace Lam




came to

haunt my

dreams last night

and I replayed what I

wanted to see, what I wanted

to have happened. I tried to bring

you presents and laugh as when you

were here. But the lines on my face gave me

away.-That time had passed and this was just a

remembrance. And suddenly, before I was finished

giving you all the gifts I had brought, my cue to leave

tapped me on the shoulder. I have no more pennies for

the wishing well. No matter how many times I try to save

you, even my dreams know reality. You are not here. You are

 not here. What karma brought this to pass that you will never

come home again? When will I stop playing the movie of the

last time our eyes met, wishing you had never left? Apology

 unaccepted. I am not ready to concede. Apology unaccepted.

I still had many more dreams. Apology unaccepted. I do

 not even know who to blame. Apology unaccepted.

 With fists up in the air. Apology unaccepted.

 I cannot, this pain,

to bear.

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