The Remember Bones

Amy Grace Lam

MAYBE this life is not about searching for new treasures and new opportunities.

Maybe it is about remembering

who we are, where we come from, and why we are here.

Maybe it is about listening

to our ancestors to tell us what they know that we have forgotten.

Maybe it is about waking up again and seeing with new eyes

something that we lost but has always been inside us, waiting to be re-membered.

MAYBE this life is not a series of journeys and adventures waiting to be discovered.

Maybe this life, journey after journey, is a remembrance

of all that we have hidden and stored inside ourselves as a secret.

Maybe we are here to uncover

our DNA, core, essence, the sacred bone of life.

Maybe there is a treasure inside our bones

waiting to be heard again, felt again, known again.

MAYBE this life is not about learning to become who we are meant to be.

Maybe the secret is that we know who we are,

that we have always known who we are.

Maybe our minds have built up distractions while we were in exile

from our psyche, our home land, our body state.

Maybe just as the wind whispers to remember, just as birds fly to remember,

we sit to remember again what we already know, what we have forgotten once, and what awaits.

MAYBE we only need to ask, ask our remember bones.


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