Amy is committed to mentoring community advocates of color. For over 18 years, she has been a trailblazer, piercing the thick jungle with a machete and making sure the rest of the pack makes it. She guides others to become powerful, influential shakers and makers. In doing so, Amy provides the awakening of power that has traditionally excluded people of color.

Who is an advocate? Amy believes that advocates are individuals who give voice to the experiences of individuals who are invisibilized by society. Advocates use their power to help create a more just and healing world. Amy has worked with advocates in research, mental health, education, and public health settings.

Amy’s expertise is in supporting individuals, groups and communities to become better advocates by helping them re-connect with their whole selves. When we have greater self-awareness, we have a better understanding of how we can impact the world and what our specific role is.

Amy develops workshops with K-12 youth, college students, and immigrant/refugee adults using a popular education framework that centers one’s lived experiences as the educational tool and encourages socioemotional learning through one’s whole bodymindspirit. She integrates creative writing in her workshops and loves working with other artists to help create safe learning spaces for communities.

Amy also works with organizations and researchers who are committed to broadening their community engagement strategies. She has experience in working with Latino, Asian, Pacific Islander and African immigrants and refugees. She also speaks Spanish and basic Cantonese and Mandarin.

Amy has a Ph.D. in cultural psychology and was a postdoctoral fellow in Psychology and Medicine at UCSF. She is currently training to be a Bioenergy Balancing Practitioner.

Her on-the-ground experience comes through the following projects:
* CA Young Women’s Collaborative of NAPAWF
* Healing Arts Collaborative at UC Berkeley School of Public Health
* API Women’s Summit with CHAA/CERI/ACMHS
* Research on Genes and the Environment at Kaiser Permanente Division of Research
* CDC Popular Opinion Leader Trainer and Evaluator at A&PI Wellness Center
* Street Level Health Project

Amy is excited to hear about your projects and how she can support your important work. To set up a consultation, please email her at:

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