Energy Healing

Personal and collective healing are critical to our social justice movement.


“Amy lifted the emotional sand bags off my shoulders and connected me with my ancestors. I feel so much lighter and have new images for my paintings.”~ C.T., Artist

When we are aligned with our true selves, we lead our lives with clarity, integrity and compassion.


INTUITIVE ENERGY HEALING & COACHING believes that the healing we seek for the world first starts with our selves.

Amy’s work supports you in developing more awareness of your body’s needs and releasing past trauma, leading to greater body-mind connection. With greater connection to your full self, you have more clarity and intuition to create the change you want to see in the world.

Intuitive Energy Healing is a process to help you connect to your deeper inner wisdom and self-healing capacity. It is not a substitute for psychotherapy or medical care but can be a complement to these therapeutic modalities.

Check out  Amy’s video  or click below to learn more:


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