Frequently Asked Questions

   “Not knowing what to expect, I went in with an open mind.  It’s one of those rare moments when you look back and high five yourself for taking the opportunity. Mind-body stress free.” ~F.T., Community Advocate

How will I feel after a session?

Some people feel immediately lighter after a session. Other people’s bodies may want to continue releasing old emotional or energetic patterns for several days after the session.

In 2-4 weeks you may notice:

  • You may feel lighter, have more energy and more awareness of your feelings.

    You are not as triggered by an incident that bothered you earlier.

  • You have more clarity regarding an issue you are working through.


How long should I do Vibrational Energy Coaching?

I am here to work with people who are interested in personal and collective evolution.

To do that, some people have a focused issue they want to explore and can move to clarity in a few sessions.

Some people want to invest deeply in radical transformation. If you’ve already done self-healing work, I recommend at least 12 sessions for this. If you are new to self-healing work, I recommend at least 18 sessions.

The most important thing is to trust yourself in choosing the coach and type of coaching that is most fitting for your needs.

Is Vibrational Energy Coaching for me?

My coaching modality focuses on using a deep understanding of energy fields and energetic exchange between you and others to connect with your core self.

I have experience in working with leaders and change makers from different sectors (non-profit, governmental, corporate, small business and the arts). The expertise I bring in is understanding the experience of immigration, gender and sexual identity, family/work balance, ancestral lineage and interdimensional space/time realities in our human life.

I don’t know if I believe in energy fields.

Everyone has a physical and energetic body. Western medicine traditionally focuses on the physical body. Eastern and indigenous medicines (e.g., Chinese, ayurvedic, shamanic) have long traditions of working with the subtle energy body including the meridians, chakras and energy field.

No matter what your religious orientation, understanding your energy body can be useful to you. I have a deep respect for the different ways people connect with their spirituality and have worked with people of varying beliefs (e.g., Atheist, Buddhist, Catholic, Christian, Hindu, Indigenous, Jewish).

What’s your background?

I have spent my life in deep exploration of who I am and my relation to the world. My first career was as a psychologist exploring how culture influences sexual health of young women. My second career was as an activist and community builder to create community spaces and wellness programs for underserved immigrant and refugee communities. My current work is as an Energy Coach and artist. I am a poet-performer using my voice to explore the interplay between the human psyche and the natural world.

I offer Vibrational Energy Coaching to help individuals connect to their whole selves, mind-body-spirit. When we are aligned with our true selves, we lead with clarity, integrity and compassion.

I use principles of energy medicine, psychology, quantum physics and ancestral healing to work with the meridian and chakra systems as well as the energy field of the body.

I have a M.A. in Counseling Psychology (UCSB), Ph.D. in Cultural Psychology (UCD) and a postdoctoral fellowship in Psychology and Medicine (UCSF). I am a member of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. For the past 13 years I have worked directly with grassroots communities to cultivate personal and collective healing and wellness. In this time, I practiced several healing modalities to heal my own traumas. I have received training in Bioenergy Balancing, have sat with a Women’s Shamanic Circle for four years and have certificates in Comprehensive Energy Psychology Levels I and II. I do continual training in multidimensional leadership development.


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