How It Works

“What you resist, will persist.”

                                        ~Dr. Jae Reed


MY ROLE. As an intuitive energy coach and healer, I support you in clearing the energy blocks that surround you so you can connect directly with what your body says it needs and wants. This deepens the connection between you and your body.


YOUR ROLE. Your role is to have clarity in what you want for yourself in the session and be open to hearing what your body is sharing with you. The more open you are to listening to your body, the easier it is to release what is not working for yourself and your life.


HOW DOES IT WORK? I use energy medicine, psychological principles and ancestral healing to work with your body’s meridians, chakras, as well as the energy body. Through techniques similar to reiki and acupuncture (I use my hands rather than needles), we help your body reset itself so that your body can have less strong reactions to negative events. We are also teaching your body to have newer, calmer responses under stressful situations. Eventually through time, we want your body to be able to stay present and not move into heightened stressed reactions when triggered by negative past experiences.

 Note: Intuitive Energy Healing is not a substitute for professional medical or psychological advice or treatment. It can be used as a complementary healing technique in support of medical, psychological  and/or psychiatric care.


WHY THE BODY? Your body knows exactly what it wants. Sometimes in life, we get confused by the noise around and within us. We hear what other people want for our lives. We hear what is expected of us by society. We hear internalized negative self-talk. The body does not lie.


LIKE ACUPUNCTURE for the EMOTIONS. All matter is composed of universal energy. In Chinese it is called Ch’i. In Sanskrit it is called Prana. In the human body, you can perceive these subtle energy bodies in the meridian system, the chakra system, and also in the organs and cells of the body.

I perceive these energy fields and connect with your body-consciousness to listen to what your body wants and needs. I use my hands and intuition to clear blocked energy and to support you to have greater connection with your body. When your body is cleared from these blocked energies, it has more space to do what it wants with greater ease, clarity and confidence.


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