A Session


We start off with a brief grounding to center your body for the work. You bring into the session the goal or intention you want to focus on.

I connect with your body-consciousness to see what is the best way to support your body to work towards the goal or intention.

We work together to release energy blocks and bring in healing support to your body. We may clear the flow of meridian channels, chakras or the energy field.

You are an active participant in your coaching session. I may show you meridian points to tap, breathing techniques to clear chakras or guided imagery to release stuck emotions. I will also ask you how you feel and what perceptions or sensations you notice in your body.

Because I work with your body-consciousness, I only go where your body is open to exploring. Together we move at the pace and rhythm of your body. 

You can choose a 60- or 90-minute session.


NATURE is one of the most healing places to work. We can meet at a park, a garden, a beach or around the lake in the East Bay and in SF.

We can also meet at your home or office location in the East Bay or SF. I offer skype calls for those who live outside of the Bay Area.

RESULTS and GOAL. Immediate results vary by person. Some people feel lighter and more clear with the release of old energetic patterns. Others feel tired and contemplative as their body integrates the new vibrations.

Vibrational energy coaching works best when people commit to regular practice and reflection for themselves. People who work with me on a consistent basis have the best results because our work creates focused time for them to do the work of self-growth and development.

The ultimate goal of Vibrational Energy Coaching is to support greater alignment to your core self.

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