Booking A Session
(all sessions online due to COVID-19)
General Rates
Initial Session: 
90 min $270
Subsequent Sessions:
60 min $180
90 min $270 

Empowered Birthing Packages:

Up to 3 Services $215/each                                      4+ Services $200/each                         

Packages must be paid in full before first session.

  • Customized Selection of Essential Oils/Homeopathy Sprays and Chakra Clearing for Your Body

  • Energy Clearing for Trauma Release (Reproductive, Sexual, Ancestral, Birthing Trauma)

  • Energy Coaching to Deepen Connection with Your Feminine Energy

  • Energy Coaching to Open Your Heart-Body-Mind to Motherhood

  • Energy Coaching to Deepen your Inner Authority and Intuition

  • Connecting Your Soul and Your Baby’s Soul for Planetary Entry

  • Awakening Body for Birth through Spiritual Activation of Uterus, Cervix and Vagina for Delivery (available at 39 weeks+only)

  • Postpartum Rebalancing and Integration for Self

  • Postpartum Spiritual Bonding Mother and Child

*All packages come with initial 30 min meeting to discuss your intentions, needs and concerns. Sessions are 70-min each.

Sliding Scale Community Worker rate
currently available for Empowered Birthing families earning $70,000 or less. 

*Amy's services are FSA/HSA eligible. 
All cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance to avoid $40 charge. All sessions must be paid by date of session. 
“Amy’s intuitive coaching has made a very powerful impact on my personal and professional life. I was blown away when she helped me to understand my life purpose at the very first session. After 3 coaching sessions I was able to find clarity in my life, my career, and my relationships.”   
~ R.G., Community Leader
Nature's Tools
Amy uses nature's tools to support the vibrational energy sessions.

Orchid Essences: Orchid essences have very high vibrations that help us to calibrate towards our highest potential and gently heal past wounds.  Amy recommends using Living Tree Orchids.  

Flower Essences Services: FES sprays use flower essences to reset, rebalance and realign our body-mind connection. Amy recommends using the Flourish Formulas. 

Australian Bush Flower Essences: These high vibration essences activate and release your highest potential to support your well-being. Amy recommends using the Spiritual Essences to vibrate to your True Tone.
"Vibrational energy coaching has helped me feel more connected to what my body is telling me. To have more clarity in life I need to align my body and mind in order to nourish myself physically, mentally, and spiritually."
~ T.T., Community Organizer
About Amy
In 2004, my body broke down. I was an academic researcher who could no longer type and sit for hours at the computer. I had carpal tunnel and thoracic outlet syndrome.

That was my body's not so subtle way of telling me I was going in the wrong direction. That was the beginning of my life's unraveling and transformation. 

I left my job, my marriage, faced my childhood sexual trauma. I have spent 15 years unlearning what I was taught in my life and in school to come back to what matters-being centered and grounded in myself.

Through my own journey, I have had many different healers support me in coming back home to myself. 

I offer Vibrational Energy Coaching to help others in their transformational journey of reconnecting to their authentic self and vibrating at their True Tone.
To Book A Session Submit Your Information Below and Amy will Contact You Directly within 48 hours.

Amy offers Vibrational Energy Coaching to individuals as well as organizational consulting.

San Francisco, California