Frequently Asked Questions
How will I feel after a journey?
Some people feel immediately lighter after a session. Other people’s bodies may want to continue releasing emotional or energetic blocks for several days after the session. 

 In 2-4 weeks you may notice:   You are not as triggered by an incident that bothered you earlier. You have more clarity regarding an issue you are working through. You may feel lighter, have more energy and more awareness of your feelings. As a result, your body starts responding and changing its behaviors.

"Amy creates a safe environment in which to recognize, explore and work through core wounds I hadn't even realized I held onto. I can now manifest positive changes in my life and break cycles that no longer serve me.”
~ T.D., Business Owner
How long should I do Vibrational Energy Coaching?
I prefer to work with people on a regular basis, for a period of at least 6 months. This commitment and consistency helps people move and shift their lives in a deeper more transformative way.

 For people who are interested in leadership and personal transformation coaching, I recommend at least 16-20 sessions.
"I sought Amy's services as her coaching blends spiritual alignment with being a leader in today’s workplace and my intuitive wisdom. I reached a breaking point as a professional, fearing burn-out. After four rounds of coaching, I am currently in a new role that better matches my gifts and interests. Amy's coaching has helped me manage stress, navigate conflict, and accelerate my ability to clarify my full power so that my work can vibrate at my highest potential."
B.G., Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Is Vibrational Energy Coaching for me?
It is important to find a healer/coach who is the right fit for you. My modality focuses on using energy and vibrational awareness to help you reconnect to your body's deep knowing.    

The work I do is a process of unfolding rather than a linear experience. That means the work reveals itself over time and some information you receive may not be apparent at the time we are working. 

"Amy is a big-hearted spirit who has a multi-dimensional upbringing and a passionate voice for social justice issues. Through these two wings of compassion, she naturally connects with a diverse range of people across all walks of life. Her work helps me transform ancestral suffering by exploring the personal, familial, societal and cultural perspectives." 
~E.B., Zen Practitioner    
I don’t know if I believe in energy work.
Everyone has a physical and energetic body. Western medicine traditionally focuses on the physical body. Eastern and indigenous medicines (e.g., Chinese, ayurvedic, shamanic) have long traditions of working with the subtle energy body including the meridians, chakras and energy field.

No matter what your religious orientation, energy work can be useful to you. I have a deep respect for the different ways people connect with their spirituality and have worked with people of varying beliefs. 

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