Performance Arts

Social Commentary

"Amy contributed a heart wrenching poem (written on the walls) representing the voices of over 140 Asian women refugees for my art installation. Many visitors were moved to tears inside the installation and I believe Amy's poem filled the room with an extra dimension and emotional intention to tell the truths of our communities." 
~C.T., Artist and Curator


About Amy 

Deeply grounded in shamanic practice, Amy's poems give reverence to the ancestors, the natural world, the supernatural, the delightful child, and the divinely human. Her work calls us to join her out of the darkness and into the light to which we all belong.

Her work has been published in AsianWeek, Asian American Literary Review,, Marsh Hawk Press, Pochino Press, and VONA. Her mixed-media work was exhibited with Asian American Women Artists Association’s 2011 Hungry Ghost exhibit.

Amy has training in theater with ACT and has performed at CounterPulse and Berkeley Arts Museum. She is in the Corazon Ensemble with Bay Area ritual artist Dohee Lee.

Amy has been a keynote speaker and performer in universities, schools, conferences and workshops including the Asian American Psychological Association, Teach for America, the Northern California Mental Health and Spirituality Conference.

Invite Amy to share her poetry 

Amy offers poetry readings, creative arts curriculum and engages in artistic collaborations through words, performance and music.

San Francisco, CA