Empowered Birthing
With the tremendous planetary shifts in 2020, Amy is being called to support womyn who are birthing in a new generation of changemakers to transform the world. 

In this deep work, Amy is a channel for Divine Feminine energy to support the matrescence process, the process of womyn connecting with their core self through the role of creator and activation of feminine energy. 

Matrescence offers womyn a powerful opportunity to step into their self-empowerment, leadership and healing for themselves, their descendants and ancestors.

Amy's services include pre-natal, birth and post-partum sessions that support the emotional, mental and spiritual changes in this phase of life.

* PREPARING yourself to become a mother

*RELEASING trauma from your body (reproductive, sexual, ancestral, familial and birthing trauma) 

*ACCEPTING and INTEGRATING the feminine self into your life and body 

*DEEPENING your inner authority, intuition and solidifying your way of being a mother.

*ACTIVATING your body and preparing for an empowered birth

*POSTPARTUM INTEGRATION of mother and baby in the 4th trimester.

Amy joyfully looks forward to working with ALL families in their diversity who connect with this work and welcoming many new souls entering our planet in this time!   
Working with Amy helped me spiritually heal from the trauma of my first delivery. I was happy to work with her again before delivering my second baby.  In that session, I released so much tension in my mind and body. I felt incredibly powerful.  I'm not surprised I went into labor that evening.  Working with Amy is a gift for my soul. 
~P.L., Higher Educational Professional
Benefits Of Vibrational Energy Coaching
  • IDENTIFY. We identify stuck emotions connected to body tension and mental confusion to bring to what's hidden to the surface.     
  • RELEASE. We release old emotional blocks and negative self-beliefs so you feel clearer and more centered.   
  • ALIGN. We bring alignment with your body, mind and spirit so you have more clarity and direction for your life.     
  • CONNECT. We help you renew your relationship to yourself, others, ancestors, nature and the spiritual world to reduce isolation and grief.      
  • PURPOSE. We help you seed and activate your unique gifts to impact the world for positive change 
Vibrational Energy Coaching helps you be more authentically you. 
“One of the great questions the famed executive coach Jerry Colonna likes to ask is, "How have I been complicit in creating the conditions I say I don't want?" My work with Amy helps me answer that question. In gently laying down emotional baggage, I can now find my purpose, engage my talents for the collective good and be a better coach to my team members and to my son."    
~I.B., Corporate Manager
More about Amy
Amy (she/they) holds a MA in Counseling Psychology (UCSB), a PhD in Cultural Psychology (UCD) and a Postdoctoral Fellowship in Psychology and Medicine (UCSF). Amy has trained in Bioenergy Balancing, Comprehensive Energy Psychology, VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing, Intergalactics Healing System and shamanic journeying. She is a member of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. She has been a member of American Psychological Association, Asian American Psychological Association, American Public Health Association, and the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality.

Amy's spiritual journey has been to heal her mind/body/spirit from sexual trauma. She was sexually abused as a young child and blamed her feminine self for this abuse. At the age of 18, Amy had her first child. It was extremely challenging to be a young pregnant person and her first birth was also traumatic and disempowering. In her late 20s, Amy experienced debilitating carpal tunnel affecting her work and home life. Amy's healing journey involved undoing the pain through physical therapy and listening to her body's wisdom which led to many changes in her life including divorce and leaving her academic career. In her second birth, Amy worked with a midwife and delivered naturally with no drugs or medical intervention. As a genderqueer person, Amy has struggled to find balance between the masculine and feminine aspects of self in her family, personal and work life. Today, Amy's connection to the Divine Feminine is what makes her a powerful healer-artist. Amy's joy is in working with people to restore their connection to their deep self.

Amy's soul work is in her art. She is a published poet, composer and playwright. She has received a Theater Bay Area grant, theater training at American Conservatory Theater's Summer Training Congress and Back to the Source Educator's Institute and has been a member of the Society for Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.
In 2011, Amy was selected as one of the top 15 Asian Pacific American women leaders by NAPAWF, Angry Asian Man and Hyphen magazine. 

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Contact Amy 

Amy offers Vibrational Energy Coaching to individuals as well as organizational consulting.

Email: amygracelam@gmail.com
San Francisco, California