Short Stories
Musical Composition: The Story of Variance

For years, I have enjoyed sharing my poetry and writings with you. For the first time, I am sharing a piece of music I composed.

My new musical composition Variance is the latest piece in my creative exploration of Ancestral Roots. The piece, like the theme, was not one I was searching for.

Instead it was a secret being revealed to me in glimpses and images over this past year.

The Story of the Little Mouse Who Squeaked
One night when the moon was at its fullest, a young woman had a strange dream. Her dream was like a parable, a tale that was meant to share a lesson. The dream went like this….
Amy Lam
 is a writer, psychologist, community advocate, mother and lover of nature. Through her work, she offers one woman’s voice in how to heal from soul wounds. Deeply grounded in shamanic practice, her poems give reverence to the ancestors, the natural world, the supernatural, the delightful child, and the divinely human. Her work calls sisters and brothers across the globe to join her out of the darkness and into the light to which we all belong.
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Amy offers poetry readings, creative arts curriculum and engages in artistic collaborations through words, performance and music.

San Francisco, CA