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Hyphen Magazine: Choice Made

Asian Americans are at risk for unintended pregnancies in part because their knowledge about sex remains pitifully low. Some women who participated in the California Young Women’s Collaborative, a sexual health program for college-aged Asian American women, were so enthused to finally learn about the subject that they hung speculums, a medical examination tool, on their dorm walls. A few were so inexperienced that they didn’t know what the withdrawal method was the program’s former research director Amy Lam says.

Workshops held for sexual trauma survivors

Amy Lam, a facilitator for the Family Stories in our Healing Journey workshop, became involved in Healing for Change after Ordona spoke about sexual trauma in a women’s studies class. Lam had experienced sexual abuse at age four and didn’t begin her own healing process until decades later.

AsianWeek: Committed Relationship, Unprotected Sex

A study, directed by Amy Lam and conducted by the California Young Women’s Collaborative at San Francisco State University, revealed that 44 percent of college-aged Chinese and Filipino women used withdrawal as a contraceptive method. This is extremely high compared to the national average at 12 percent.