Social Commentary

My Fearless Summer

Summer is coming around the corner! Many of us have already signed up our kids for summer camp. We want to find exciting extracurricular activities for them and give them the opportunity to learn something new or hone a special talent they have.

But what about you? When was the last time you signed up for summer camp or a workshop? Or gave yourself a shot at doing something you haven't done since you were a kid?

Last summer, I had the amazing opportunity to participate in American Conservatory Theater's Back to the Source Educator Institute. And it radically changed my life, allowing me to be bolder in what I want for myself.

The Power of Privilege and the Privilege of Power

“Do you speak Chinese?” I asked the police officer who drove up to the scene.
I was in the backyard doing my laundry for the week when I heard a loud crash. I thought it was merely a random ambient noise typical of San Francisco. However, as I walked back into the house, I could see from my window that the loud crash was not random but in fact came from the street in front of my house. From what I could gather, my neighbor had just gotten into a car accident……

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AsianWeek: The Heart of the Matter, A Response to Tiger Mom

by Amy Lam

My initial reaction to “The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” was anger. After several days, the emotion turned to disheartened. And as I write this response, I open up the possibility for the activist, the psychologist, and the healer in me to be heard.