Mixed Media

My Fearless Summer

Summer is coming around the corner! Many of us have already signed up our kids for summer camp. We want to find exciting extracurricular activities for them and give them the opportunity to learn something new or hone a special talent they have.

But what about you? When was the last time you signed up for summer camp or a workshop? Or gave yourself a shot at doing something you haven't done since you were a kid?

Last summer, I had the amazing opportunity to participate in American Conservatory Theater's Back to the Source Educator Institute. And it radically changed my life, allowing me to be bolder in what I want for myself.

I Am Not Dante

‘I am Not Dante’ is a five-part mixed literary/visual installation that debuted in AAWAA's exhibit 'Hungry Ghost: Yearning for Fulfillment' at the Thoreau Center for Sustainability in San Francisco April 26-June 9, 2012. The installation portrays my soul’s journey from a hungry host to an embodied spirit who is finding home within herself. Each installation piece represents one of the five Chinese elements found within a Chinese kitchen. Together, these five pieces portray the necessary interactions that must occur in life for healing and wholeness to manifest within one’s self.

I Am Not Dante #1: Circle of Life

Text on Wok: This first piece in the installation begins with the experience of death that one encounters in her soul after extreme trauma.

I Am Not Dante #2: I Am Not Dante

Text on Chinese Kitchen Altar: This second piece depicts the separation and longing between body and soul.

I Am Not Dante #3: A Mountain to Climb

Text on Teapot: The third piece in the installation portrays the soul's journey towards freedom.

I Am Not Dante #4: And the Pixies, they dance with you on the Red Road

Text on Bamboo Steamer: The fourth piece depicts movement towards the Light.

I Am Not Dante #5: You Are Home

Text on Plant: The final piece in the installation celebrates the soul's journey back Home, proverbially, metaphorically, physically, and literally.