Amy Grace Lam


a new
revolution. a dream
unknown waiting to be. (unveiled).
by ears who listen to a thought-form ready
to awaken. (uninhibited). by hands who reach out
to grab a sliver of shadowed hope. (undefined). by
feet who walk shoulder to shoulder aching still the longer.
(unrestrained). these new dreams ferment with time. like
seeds nurtured in rich soil BLACK with chaotic fervor, these
dreams quietly divide and multiply (divide and multiply). like
seeds covered by dewy rain (tdah-tdah-tdah), these dreams sprout
with hope and promise (Sprout sprOut sprouT). like seeds bathed
with sun rays ripe, these dreams dawn (Dawn DAWN). Arise new
revolution, Arise! Faces of leaders who dream together. Arise,
Arise! Tools of the painter, the builder, the poet-performer,
the banker and barterer, the planner, and baker to make a
rainbow-painted path connecting the borderland crossings
that once divided the earth. Arise! Oh waters that heal
our land, feed our people, and quench the fires in our
hearts. Arise a new world, speak up for silent dreams!
Arise a new revolution,
out of the depths of safe-keeping.
We dare              to imagine                                                                 WHAT
visions          more impossible                                                        DOES YOUR
than our     common fears.                                                            REVOLUTION
This is how we uncover                                                                         SAY?
dreams hidden for
a new world, a new revolution.