Booking A Session

Vibrational Energy Healing & Coaching helps you connect with your whole self: mind-body-spirit.
“Vibrational energy coaching helped affirm my deep truth.  It allowed me to trust my body and wisdom it holds as the vessel that witnesses every part of my life.”
~ T.N., Community Organizer
General Rates
Initial Healing/Coaching Session
90 min $300.00

Subsequent Healing/Coaching Sessions
60 min $200.00
90 min $300.00

Harmonious House Clearing & Blessing
$200 Initial 60-min Assessment + $0.58/mile outside of SF (fee may be deducted from House Clearing & Blessing services)
$1.00/sq.ft. + $.58/per mile outside of SF
Includes clearing energetic and spiritual disruption, imbuing harmonious frequencies and blessings into the house/office, basic materials and 1hr follow-up. Harmonic tools such as Soma-Vita Fu Protection Disc, Soma-Vita harmony Disc are not included in cost.

All cancellations must be made 24-hours in advance to avoid a $40 charge.  All online sessions must be paid by the date of session.
Orchid Essences and Essential oils
Nature’s Tools
Amy uses nature’s tools to support the vibrational energy sessions.

Orchid Essences: Orchid essences have very high vibrations that help us to calibrate towards our highest potential.  Amy recommends using Living Tree Orchids.
 Flower Essences Services: FES sprays use flower essences to reset, rebalance and realign our body-mind connection. Amy recommends using the Flourish Formulas.  
To Book A Session Submit Your Information Below, and Amy will Contact You Directly within 48 hours.

Amy offers Vibrational Energy Coaching to individuals as well as organizational consulting.

Phone: (530) 848-6600
San Francisco, California