Welcome to Amy Lam- Intuitive Energy Healing Coach / Consultant/ Poet/ Musician
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“Vibrational energy coaching helped affirm my deep truth.  It allowed me to trust my body and wisdom it holds as the vessel that witnesses every part of my life.”
~ T.N., Community Organizer
“My sessions with Amy have helped me to release my limiting beliefs surrounding food addiction, childhood trauma and self-confidence as a professional. Releasing them has helped me tremendously to reach heights I didn’t think were possible.”
~V.G., Public  Health Scholar
Meet Amy Grace Lam, Ph.D.
Amy Grace Lam, Ph.D.
is a writer, psychologist, community advocate, mother and lover of nature. Through her work, she offers one woman’s voice in how to heal from soul wounds. Deeply grounded in shamanic practice, her poems give reverence to the ancestors, the natural world, the supernatural, the delightful child, and the divinely human. Her work calls sisters and brothers across the globe to join her out of the darkness and into the light to which we all belong.
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Contact Amy 
Amy offers personalized Vibrational Energy Coaching to individuals and organizations.

Email: amygracelam@gmail.com
Phone: (530) 848-6600
San Francisco, Californ