I Am Not Dante #1: Circle of Life

Amy Grace Lam


Is this what it feels like to die Agnes?

To be so lonely, even your body cannot create warmth from the scorching desert sun.
To be so alone, even your kin cannot save you as you plummet down into the thick black tunnel.

Was that how it was for you Agnes?

I’m sorry there was nothing I could do.
I’m sorry no one could quiet your screams, your fears.
I’m sorry no one could comfort you from your sweat, your tears.
I’m sorry because I too have traversed to that cold dark place.

And would that I could bring my self out?

That there was another way to my freedom.
Tell me now, Agnes, as your soul is on the other side.
In the place where you have always been known, where your name is as familiar as life itself.

Tell me, was it worth it?
That journey through death?
Or should I find another way back to my freedom?

Tell me… It was worth it.