I Am Not Dante #2: I Am Not Dante

Amy Grace Lam


Even though you left me,
though good intentioned you were,
I will not leave you alone to suffer in this life.

The world is too lonely for me to ever turn my back on you.

Those hellish places of damnation: I have been there.
I have seen with mine eyes the place where they make trades on souls.
I have watched people buy out for lesser things than thought possible.

And I too, for you, chose to stay in those pits of damnation.

I chose to go alone for what was sold to me as freedom.
I was faithful. I brought it all to the gods.
I even tried to burn our love at the altar of freedom, tried to make an offering of this beauty.

But each time, the wind in his mercy, would not accept.

He said love was not mine to offer.
Beauty was not mine to sacrifice.
And he snuffed the flames of my burnt offerings.

And it was for me, that in those depths of hell, I found you.

Where even a dark shadow could not be found, you were etched to me.
Your reflection, my shadow. And though the two may never meet,
they are one and the same.

And it was this thread of truth that led me back to the Light.

And as I make my way back now, only time will tell who is victor and what the victory.
For I now am free as free can be. But what is this taste of freedom for,
if I am forever haunted by my loneliness in this world?

No one to reflect even a glimpse of my face.

For those who seek to find their freedom, I warn you that no one should travel to those places alone.
For you, the one who showed me beauty is truth and truth beauty,
I will not offer you up any longer, as my final sacrifice.

But will pray for you daily, that the same thread that brought me back home, will lead you too.

And wherever I travel
this thread between you and I will keep extending,
until you make your way back to the Light.