I Am Not Dante #4: And the Pixies, they dance with you on the Red Road

Amy Grace Lam


Do you Know?
When you are ready to walk the Red road;
When the Searching stops and you know what it Is you are to do?

When You realize:
God has always been within you;
your Purpose, you have always known;
and the doubts, they become beautiful Pixies that dance with you on this Journey.

What was effuse, now takes Form.
What was Obscure, now becomes acute.

Every tree You have climbed, and River you have crossed;
Every mountain you have Peaked, and valley you have Hidden in;
Every pain you Have endured now becomes clear.

Everything in an instant crystallizes.
As in death, the Mosaic of your life manifests Before you.

Your Spirit comes to Your Body to do what Your Being must do in this Lifetime.
And You come to Know once again what You have always known.