The Story of the Little Mouse Who Squeaked

Amy Grace Lam


One night when the moon was at its fullest, a young woman had a strange dream. Her dream was like a parable, a tale that was meant to share a lesson. The dream went like this….

There once was a village girl who was a servant. She did not mind serving. Indeed it made her happy to give back to those who had suffered so much in their lives and to help bring a smile to another’s face. So, she served.

When other villagers needed water, she would go to the well and fetch water.
When other villagers needed help carrying their load, she would offer her hands and shoulders to lift some of the weight. This was what the servant girl knew to do.

But one day when she was out working in the fields, a little mouse appeared from the sleeve of her robe and asked to be fed. “Oh no little mouse, you cannot be here. If others knew that a mouse was here next to me, they would run away in fear.”

But the mouse was persistent. It wanted to be fed and so it squeaked and squeaked and would not leave the servant girl alone.

Embarrassed by the mouse, the servant girl tried hiding the mouse inside her pocket while she worked. But the mouse did not want to be in her pocket and made so much noise, it distracted the girl from doing her work.

Afraid that someone would find out and that she would get in trouble, the servant girl decided to hide the mouse where no one would find out. Before anyone noticed that she was gone, the girl ran back home and hid the mouse inside the wall of her room and sealed the wall shut with two pieces of wood.

Happy to be rid of the nuisance, for the rest of the day the servant girl resumed her work in the village with a particularly pleasant lift in her face.

But that night, when she returned to her room and was alone in her bed, worry returned to the servant girl’s face. She could still hear the mouse squeaking beyond the wall. It squeaked so loudly that the girl could do nothing at all, especially not sleep.

Before the dream was finished, the young woman who was dreaming heard these last words from the edge of the realm of the unconscious world. The words spoke to her saying:

This is the way with a Dream. It will not leave you alone. It will tap on your shoulder day after day, gnawing at you, keeping you from sleep, longing to be fed, until one day you hear it and feed it. And you must feed your Dream. You must keep it alive.

The young woman awoke from her dream crying, “I am afraid. I am afraid. What if I cannot feed my Dream? What if I am a disappointment and can never fulfill it? What if I cannot keep my Dream alive? Oh Dream, show me the way how you and I can roam the countryside and live in the mountains so free. Show me that I may do such and keep you alive, alive inside of me.”

Although the young woman was afraid, a fire soon grew inside her and did not let her succumb to her fear. The fire made her stronger and she continued to ponder. “What does it mean to not give up on one’s Dream? To hold it tightly in your hand, to keep it hidden in your heart, to help it to live even when there is no light? To pray to it every day with all of your might? What does it mean to keep a Dream alive? Even when the rain doesn’t stop pouring and the floods keep coming? Even when your legs are tired, must you keep on walking?”

And with every question, the fire inside her body grew stronger and stronger until it erupted like a volcano inside her with a voice saying: “Always keep walking! Carry your Dream with you, to the loneliest darkest cave, for it will give you light. Carry your Dream with you, when the noise drowns out the space, for it will give you a silence sweeter than honey. Carry your Dream with you from morning to noon. Then take it on a walk from dusk til dawn. For it is your Dream that will keep you walking and believing when there is nothing else to believe in. Believe because things will change. Believe because things do change. Believe. And your Dream, it will become you.”