What is Vibrational Energy Coaching?
When we remember who we are, we can fully step into our BIG selves. Through energy coaching journeys, you have the opportunity to make conscious the unconscious, activate the dormant, and integrate what has been disconnected. We work through the body to integrate the mind. My work is a unique integration of the principles of energy medicine, depth psychology, quantum physics, and ritual.
Benefits Of Vibrational Energy Coaching

  • IDENTIFY. We identify stuck emotions connected to body pain and mental confusion to bring to what’s hidden to consciousness. 

  • RELEASE. We release old emotional blocks and negative self-beliefs so you feel lighter, more centered and free. 

  • ALIGNMENT. We bring alignment with your body, mind and spirit so you have more clarity and direction for your life. 

  • CONNECTION. We help you renew your relationship to yourself, others, ancestors, the natural and the spiritual world to reduce isolation and grief.  

  • PURPOSE. We help you seed and activate your unique gifts to impact the world for positive change 
Vibrational Energy Coaching helps you be more authentically you. 
“I was blown away by how effective the session was compared to talk therapy or somatic therapies that I’ve tried. Amy was able to combine both into just one session. It was really fun and also really powerful.”                                              C.H., Writer

Leadership Coaching
Too many leaders move with their head only, leaving their heart and gut behind.

Vibrational energy coaching uniquely supports leaders to holistically lead with head-heart-gut.

In 2011, Amy was selected as one of the top 15 Asian Pacific American women leaders by NAPAWF, Angry Asian Man and Hyphen magazine.  
She is especially committed to supporting women and gender non-conforming leaders.

Her clients include leaders in the  non-profit, government, small business and corporate sectors. She offers pro-bono leadership coaching with LeaderSpring and supports emerging community leaders with the Wellness in Action Program of Center for Empowering Refugees and Immigrants. 
“Amy’s intuitive coaching has made a very powerful impact on my personal and professional life. I was blown away when she helped me to understand my life purpose at the very first session. After 3 coaching sessions I was able to find clarity in my life, my career, and my relationships.”                               
~R.G., Community Leader
Organizational Consulting

We only don’t do things because we think they’re not possible.

Amy is committed to mentoring. For over 19 years, she has been a trailblazer, piercing the thick jungle with a machete and making sure the rest of the pack makes it. Whether it is with students, young professionals, or people traditionally overlooked, she is a maverick, showing others that their dreams are possible. In doing so, Amy guides others to become powerful, influential shakers and makers.

Who is an advocate? Amy believes that advocates are individuals who give voice to experiences usually invisibilized or unseen in society. Advocates use their power to help create a more just and healing world. Amy has worked with advocates in research, mental health, education, government and public health settings.

Amy visions and develops programs with organizations and communities. She is a seasoned collaborative grant writer, curriculum developer and creative writer using a popular education framework that centers one’s lived experiences and encourages kinesthetic learning through one’s whole body-mind-spirit. She integrates creative writing in her workshops and loves working with other artists to help create learning spaces for communities.

Amy Grace Lam, PhD

Amy holds a MA in Counseling Psychology from UCSB, a PhD in Cultural Psychology from UCD and a Postdoctoral Fellowship in Psychology and Medicine from UCSF. She has training and experience in Bioenergy Balancing, Comprehensive Energy Psychology and shamanic journeying. She is a member of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology.

Her on-the-ground experience comes through projects such as:
* NAPAWF’s CA Young Women’s Collaborative 
* UCB School of Public Health Healing Arts Collective
* Bay Area API Women’s Summit 
* Kaiser Permanente’s Research on Genes and the Environment                  

*Street Level Health Project
* CDC Trainer and Evaluator for HIV prevention 

Amy also works with organizations and researchers who are committed to broadening their community engagement strategies. She has experience in working with Latinx, Asian, Pacific Islander and African immigrants and refugees. She speaks Spanish and basic Cantonese and Mandarin.

Amy is excited to hear about your projects and how she can support your important work. To set up a consultation, please email her at:

“My sessions with Amy have helped me to release my limiting beliefs surrounding food addiction, childhood trauma and self-confidence as a professional. Releasing them has helped me tremendously to reach heights I didn’t think were possible.” 
~V.G., Public  Health Scholar
Contact Amy Lam

Amy offers Vibrational Energy Coaching to individuals as well as organizational consulting.

Phone: (530) 848-6600
San Francisco, California