Story Of The Month
Story of the month and poetry is similar so I will keep them on the same page with same tagline we just need to explain it here. 
The Healing Prayer

Releasing the old and bringing in the new. 

The Terrible Transformation 
Being an artist is the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to be.
The Great Movement
The Great Movement
Every year, a healing ceremonial water walk is led by Indigenous peoples here in the Bay Area at Ocean Beach in SF.
Musical Composition: The Story of Variance
My new musical composition Variance is the latest piece in my creative exploration of Ancestral Roots. The piece, like the theme, was not one I was searching for.
Hands Constructed 手工

Hands Constructed is a piece that comes from this summer’s process. I hope you will join us to witness and participate in ARA Ritual I: Waterways. Stories are our medicine.

To purchase tickets:

The Psalmist’s Cry
This month’s poem is dedicated to my co-workers and friends who have spoken up for the truth. I and another colleague were fired last week. To date, 8 others have taken a stand and resigned.
My Fearless Summer
Summer is coming around the corner! Many of us have already signed up our kids for summer camp. We want to find exciting extracurricular activities for them and give them the opportunity to learn something new or hone a special talent they have.

To heal means to remember and to remember means to let go. These past couple of months have been especially difficult for me as I have been immersed in a lot of healing, remembering, and letting go of trauma. 

Prayer of Mother Ocean
The Great Movement
Every year, a healing ceremonial waterwalk is led by Indigenous peoples here in the Bay Area at Ocean Beach in SF.
The Colors of Freedom
I wrote “The Colors of Freedom” after participating in the May 1 2009 International Workers’ Day/ Immigrant Rights March. For the month of November 2011, I want to dedicate “The Colors of Freedom” to all of us around the world who march for freedom for ourselves and each other.
A New Revolution

This poem is a tribute to the memory and work of Grace Lee Boggs, activist, philosopher and writer. I am inspired by her words…

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