The Psalmist’s Cry

Amy Grace Lam


In the ancient of days, the psalmist reached out to the Creator in her time of need. Hiding in her cave, she cried out:

Oh Heavenly Source, Great Comforter, My Guide.
Find me hidden behind this vast darkness of woes.

Why have me to suffer with this injustice to fight?
Why to be lost with no promise nor hope?

I, like the psalmist, have seen darkness in my days. Shrouded in shadows of anger and tears. I, like the psalmist, lift my hands to the heavens and call in need:

I am broken Great Healer, Bearer of Light.
Bring me relief from this unbearable plight. 

Find me, Oh Creator and cure me whole.
A blanket of love and grace. Rest for my soul.


Now back in the ancient of days, a quiet miracle approached the psalmist’s melancholy cave. In the silence of night she watched with delight, a radiant light that the darkness could not fight. And as surely as the morning star rises, the heaviness vanished up towards the sky. Light began to radiate, it shone so bright. Blinded by this sight, despair had no might.

The psalmist cried out with joy and delight:

I see, I see. I no longer doubt!
A love so profound, no longer hopeless, I am found.

Back in my room, my question also brings a whispered answer to my ears:

Know Me, child, find comfort in my light. 
Find rest, child, find rest in the night.

For in your weakness, you can most certainly feel
your heart now open to the Source that can heal.


So both in the ancient of days and in times present here, God’s children will bear witness to a truth eternal and clear.

That the Lord is good and the Lord is near.
And in the depths of despair, God’s children will not fear.

For the darkness is a curse that is also a gift.
For it is during the night that we bear witness to Light.