What To Expect 
Energy Coaching Session
We start with ….
grounding to center your body for the work. You bring into the session the goal or intention you want to focus on. I connect with your body’s vibrational energy to see what is the best way to support your body to work towards the goal or intention.

You are an active participant in your energy journey. We work together to release energy blocks and bring in healing support to your body. We may clear the flow of meridian channels, chakras or the energy field.

 I may show you meridian points to tap, breathing techniques to clear chakras or guided imagery to release stuck emotions.

 I will ask you how you feel and what perceptions or sensations you notice in your body. We go to where your body leads us, following its rhythm and pace. Journeys are 60- or 90-mins long.

“This modality is different that others because it is grounded in an intuitive approach. Amy synthesizes information from multiple channels into a song of sorts and creates new pathways for harmony.”    ~LG., Artist

NATURE is a healing place to work. It grounds us to ourselves and to the earth. We can meet at a park, a garden, a beach or around the lake in the East Bay and in SF. 
I also work in your home if that’s more comfortable. For those who live outside the Bay Area, I work via hangout or facetime. 

“Not knowing what to expect, I went in with an open mind.  It’s one of those rare moments when you look back and high five yourself for taking the opportunity. Mind-body stress free.”
~F.T., Community Advocate


Results and Goals
Results vary by person. All responses are your body’s way of releasing old energies and integrating new vibrations.

Vibrational energy coaching works best when people commit to regular practice of reflection for themselves.

The goal of Vibrational Energy Coaching is to support you to reconnect with your TRUE TONE.

When you vibrate to that frequency, you can move towards unfolding what you want for your life with greater ease and freedom.    

Contact Amy Lam

Amy offers Vibrational Energy Coaching to individuals as well as organizational consulting.

Email: amygracelam@gmail.com
Phone: (530) 848-6600
San Francisco, California