Vibrational Energy Coaching
      Reconnect to your inner knowing  
Are you ready to explore and connect to your inner knowing? My name is Amy and I facilitate personalized energy journeys. In these journeys, I attune to your body's vibrations and support you to reconnect back to your body, the natural world and your highest potential so you can remember your TRUE TONE.   
The work we do in our sessions "energetically" releases unconscious blocks and seeds new insights and possibilities for your conscious mind. This results in major shifts in your personal life and collective consciousness.   
I want to work with you to impact the world for positive change through being authentically you. Come, let's go on a journey toget

"Vibrational energy coaching helped affirm my deep truth.  It allowed me to trust my body and the wisdom it holds as the vessel that witnesses every part of my life.”
~ T.N., Community Organizer
“My sessions with Amy have helped me to release my limiting beliefs surrounding food addiction,  childhood trauma and self-confidence as a professional. Releasing them has helped me tremendously to reach heights I didn’t think were possible.”      
                                                                               ~V.G., Professor 
Amy Grace Lam PhD 
             Healer. Writer. Activist.               
Amy is an energy psychology practitioner, writer-artist and community activist. Through her work, Amy creates experiences for individuals to bridge spiritual and physical realities into a magical conversation with each other. She loves working with individuals to connect to their inner wisdom, step into their leadership and confidently manifest their gifts to the world.  
 As a Canadian-born Chinese American genderqueer mother of two, Amy is committed to supporting diverse global communities for healing and transformation. Her writing and art have been featured in literary and academic journals and Bay Area performance and artistic venues. She works with immigrant and refugee communities locally to vision, and design transformative programs. 
Story of the Month
The Healing Prayer is a mantra to release the old and bring in the new. 
Read it during times of transition. 
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Amy offers Vibrational Energy Coaching to individuals as well as organizational consulting.

Phone: (530) 848-6600
San Francisco, California