Vibrational Energy Coaching
          Supporting pregnant womyn transitioning to motherhood
For some people, becoming a mother comes naturally. For many of us, it isn't. 

My name is Amy and I support pregnant womyn who are beginning their journey into motherhood. I have been a mother since I was 18. And it definitely was not natural for me. 
As a coach, I'm interested in supporting you to integrate this new identity into your life. As a healer, I am passionate about the deep intergenerational healing work that happens especially between pregnancy and the first year of a child's life. 

I do this work by connecting with your body's vibrational energy field to learn what unconscious beliefs and emotions are hindering you the most and supporting you in accessing your body's wisdom for transformation. This work deepens your mind-body-spirit connection. 

For those of you who like me, could use support in your transition to motherhood, I am here to support you.
"Vibrational energy coaching helped affirm my deep truth.  It allowed me to trust my body and the wisdom it holds as the vessel that witnesses every part of my life.”
~ T.N., Community Organizer
“Many practitioners help people move from their head to their heart. Amy's work is beyond that. She moves people from their heart to their soul, where complete connection to our deepest origins is possible. I have never felt such liberation."
                                                               ~J.E., PhD, Psychologist
Amy Grace Lam, PhD.
Healer. Writer. Activist.
Amy is a healer, writer and activist committed to supporting diverse global communities for healing and transformation. Through her energy work, Amy creates experiences for individuals to bridge spiritual and physical realities into a magical conversation with each other. She loves working with individuals to connect to their inner wisdom, step into their leadership and confidently manifest their gifts to the world. Amy's writing, music and art have been featured in literary and academic journals, Bay Area performance and artistic venues and on the radio.  Amy also works with immigrant and refugee serving organizations to vision and design transformative programs and culturally resonant tools and products. 

Amy (she/they) thanks her multicultural upbringing for making her who she is today. She was born in Canada to parents from Hong Kong and was raised in both NYC and the suburbs. She has lived as far north as Montréal and as far south as Virginia. Amy is Chinese con un corazon latino and speaks Spanish and conversational Cantonese and Mandarin. She first fell in love with the divine in Christianity, but has since come to love the divine across many spiritual practices. Amy is a genderqueer mother of two amazing biracial daughters.
Self-Care Resources in Times of Stress

Here are some naturopathic remedies based on Chinese medicine, plant medicine and vibrational energy science. Please feel free to explore, share with others and see what works for you. Note: These tips are not meant to be taken as medical treatments. What to look for: Body feels “lighter”, yawning and sense of tiredness, present and grounded Mind is clearer, quieter, don’t remember the stress Emotions may release, lift or become clearer.


Tapping helps the body to feel calm. It is based on Chinese acupressure points. We stimulate these body points to help release stress and bring more flow into our body’s energy system. Try smiling when you tap😊 REALLY GREAT before you sleep at night. Results: After 2-4 rounds of tapping you may notice your body feel calmer, lighter, yawning or feeling relaxed/tired

Here are two tapping videos. One is more adult-friendly and the other is more kid-friendly. • Adult tapping video • Kid tapping video (start at minute 2:04 for tapping)

Tips for tapping:

• Wash your hands before and after tapping as you will tap on your face • Breathe in and out of your mouth while tapping to release old energy • You can add an essential oil to your wrists to encourage calmness (eg., lavender oil) or an open heart (e.g, rose oil) • You can add a mantra to your tapping (eg., It is possible to be ok even if there is chaos around me) or imagine your favorite color around you while you tap


Flower Essence Services (FES) sprays are another way to help the body feel calm. They are specially formulated plant medicine formulas to support the body/mind/spirit. Here are four sprays that are especially helpful in stressful situations. These sprays have an alcohol base. For non-alcohol options, please email me. You can purchase online, at Rainbow Co-op (SF), Five Flavor Herbs (Oakland). Call first to make sure they have the sprays.

If you’re going to a busy crowded place (like Costco) spray Fearless before and after you go to clear off other peoples’ energies off you. For those of us who may carry intergenerational trauma or are finding themselves triggered by what’s happening related to Coronavirus, I would definitely recommend taking Post Trauma Stabilizer. The Illumine spray is just good to lift the spirits during this time. The Flora-Sleep can be used one hour before sleep and right before sleeping.



FES ILLUMINE (for depression/discouragement)

FES FLORA-SLEEP (sleep aid)

Tips for using sprays: • Use under the tongue and around the body • Use upon waking, upon sleeping and during the day when feeling stressed or in challenging circumstance • Better not to eat or drink 5 min before or after using spray


 Essential oils capture a plant’s scent, medicinal properties, and vibrations. They can be used on the wrist, heart center, or rubbed on fingertips to stimulate the body’s meridian system. I especially love using essential oils in my diffuser at home. Turn it on before everyone comes home so that people can walk into a calm space at home. Two essential oils that are helpful in these times are lavender (relieves stress) and rose (opens the heart and relieves anxiety). For those of you who love Kate’s Magik, I would recommend Blossoms of Joy diffuser oil or Healing of the Heart oil. (

Tips for using aromatherapy: 

• Make sure you are not allergic 

• Wash hands before using oils 

• If you are pregnant please check with an acupuncturist before stimulating meridians


When there’s too much noise around, I just go out in nature and sit. I try to focus on listening to the birds, the trees, hearing what they are whispering. If I cannot go outside, I turn everything off and sit on the floor in my home with a stone or two or even an essential oil. Again, I try to “be” like the stone or oil, bringing my energy and vibration to mimics it. These elements in nature help me remember how to be still, balanced and vibrate high.


• Make sure your stones are clean. 

For earth-based stones, clean by burying in the dirt. For air-based stones, use sage. 

Full moon cleanses good for all. I clean my stones before and after I sit.

Story of the Month
 The Healing prayer is a mantra to release the old and bring in the new. Read it during times of transition.
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Amy offers Vibrational Energy Coaching to individuals as well as organizational consulting.

San Francisco, California